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About RoboCo[]

RoboCo is a wholesome sandbox game about designing and building robots to serve the needs of squishy, hapless humans in the world of tomorrow. Assemble bots piece by piece, rigging each creation with motors, gears, and customizable wireless controls in order to conquer tricky, open-ended challenge courses where the solutions are as varied as your engineering ingenuity. A PC-first, VR-compatible release inspired by makerspace programs and robotics organizations, RoboCo aims to ignite player interest in STEM fields by offering players the tools to unleash their problem solving skills and creative potential. RoboCo is developed and published by Filament Games.


Interface Layout RoboCo Interface.png
# Name Description
1 Home Access the in-game menu
2 Save & Load Save and load robots
3 Parts Parts for robot construction
4 Constructs Pre-built constructs for robot construction
5 Properties Tune properties of powered parts
6 Controls Edit robot controls
7 Edit Mode options Change edit mode views
8 Hints button Access helpful in-game hints
9 Toggle Objectives Show and hide objectives
10 Objectives Goals for the level
11 Activate Enter active or edit mode
12 Select Tool Select robots and robot parts
13 Translate Tool Move robots and robot parts
14 Rotate Tool Rotate robots and robot parts
15 Resize Tool Resize robot parts
16 Joint Tool Edit robot joints
17 Erase Tool Erase robots, constructs, and parts
18 Send to Ground Send the select robot or part to the ground
19 Undo Undo the most recent action
20 Redo Redo the most recent action
21 Trash Discards the entire robot


Select Tool
Box Select
Addition Selection
Translate Tool
Rotate Tool
Resize Tool
Joint Tool
Erase Tool
Send to Ground
Undo / Redo