RoboCo Wiki

Control Guide[]

RoboCo is a fairly complicated game and requires you to learn a series of basic commands. The most common commands are listed here. You can also find them by clicking the Hints button RoboCo's interface.

Rotate Camera Right Mouse Button
Zoom Camera Scroll Wheel
Move Camera [W][A][S][D]
Pan Camera Middle Mouse Button
Focus Camera [F] (with part selected)
Focus + Zoom Camera Double-tap [F] (with part selected)
Reset Camera [Home]
Remove Part [Control]+Left Mouse Button
Duplicate Part [Control]+[D] (with part selected)
Translate Tool Move parts in the environment or in the robot
Rotate Tool Rotate parts in the environment or in the robot
Change Joint Mouseover or Select Joints using [Q] and [E] to cycle through joint types and [Delete] to clear.
Remove Parts [Delete] (with part(s) selected)
Rotate Selection [Alt]+Left Mouse Button (with part(s) selected)
Rotate Snap [R] (while placing a part)
Place Duplicate [Shift] (while placing a part)
Multiselect [Shift] + Left Mouse Button
Select Connected Left Mouse Button (Double Click)
Box Select Click and drag to select multiple parts. Hold [Shift] to additively select.
Group Selected Parts [G]
Ungroup Selected Parts [U]
Undo [Control] + [Z]
Redo [Control] + [Y]
Hide UI [`]
Enter Active Mode [Space]
Robot Controls Default Controls (Left Hand)

[W] [A] [S] [D] [Q] [E]

Default Controls (Right Hand)

[I] [J] [K] [L] [U] [O]

(hold [L Shift] to move motors at half speed)

Switch Transmitters [1] [2] [3] … [8] [9] [0]

Default Robot Controls[]

By default, RoboCo has pre-set robot controls for Left and Right hand. These controls can be edited to your preference.

Left Hand Right Hand
The Left Hand uses W, S, A, D, E, and Q The Right Hand uses I, K, J, L, U, and O.

Setting Custom Robot Controls[]

Steps Visual
Use this button to name your custom control scheme.
To map a custom key to a part function, click Add New.
First, select a part and the action you want that part to take. In this case, we’ve selected the DC motor and chosen Spin Forward as the action.
Clicking the Ellipses next to my new Action, you can now rename the action and map it to any key you want.